For several years we’ve been performing at the Arisia science-fiction convention in Boston in January. Our performances have varied from Red Shift, which spoofs and pays homage to classic space-adventure serials like Buck Rogers and Flash Gordon through a radio-drama adaptation of The Day the Earth Stood Still to the gender-swapped Star Trek episodes we’ve performed lately, featuring the adventures of the intrepid Captain Jane Kirk and her half-Vulcan first officer, Ms. Spock.

Arisia ’14: The Trouble with Tribbles

No tribble at all! Actress-turned-Director Mindy Klenoff (“The Do-Nothing Detective”) presented a gender-swapped interpretation of the classic Star Trek episode, David Gerrold's “The Trouble with Tribbles” at the 2014 Arisia science-fiction convention. This was the first in a series of performances featuring the adventures of Capt. Jane Kirk, her half-Vulcan science officer Ms. Spock, and the crew of the Enterprise, in which devious saleswoman Cordelia Jones trades in small furry animals and inadvertently throws a cute purring monkey-wrench into a secret plot.

Arisia ’13: The Day the Earth Stood Still

Gort, Klaatu Barada Nikto! From the long-running Lux Radio Theater comes this adaptation of the classic 1951 science-fiction film. Originally airing on January 4th, 1954, this production featured Michael Rennie reprising his performance of Klaatu. Lux Radio Theater was famous for producing radio adaptations of major motion pictures, often with the original lead actors.

This adaptation of Edmund H. North's original film script was written by Milton Geiger. The film script itself was based on the Harry Bates short story “Farewell to the Master”.

Arisia ’10: Red Shift, “The Upgrade Ultimatum”

It’s go time! We returned to Boston's largest sci-fi convention with another live episode of our original sci-fi comedy, Red Shift, Interplanetary Do-Gooder, which pays homage to the pulp sci-fi serials of the 1930s and 40s. In “The Upgrade Ultimatum”, our heroes — Red, Lumpy, Doc Alberts and Penny Parker, Girl Reporter — once again encounter trouble in the form of Red's arch-nemesis, Violet Spektra and a rogue computer bent on taking over the galaxy!


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