Arisia ’07: Red Shift, “The Terror of Terra-Khan”

An Arisia premiere! Live, original sci-fi radio drama performed right before your very eyes and ears! Join the stalwart Red Shift, his mechanic Lumpy and their Earthling companions in this homage to the pulp radio and film serials of the 1930’s and 40’s.

Performance Dates

Friday, January 12th, ~8:00pm (First Night teaser)
Sunday, January 14th, 1:00pm  (feature performance)


Arisia '07
Hyatt Regency Cambridge
President's Ballroom D
Cambridge, MA


Red Shift ..... Michael McAfee
Lumpy ..... Josh Nicholson
Lord Draith ..... Brian Rust
Dr. Alberts ..... Rob Noyes
Penny Parker ..... Renée Johnson
Narrator ..... Gilly Rosenthol
Queen of Venus ..... Mare Freed
Khan Leader ..... Joye Thaller
Officer Starkiller ..... Jude Shabry


Writer/Director ..... Rob Noyes
Producer ..... Renée Johnson
Foley/FX Artist ..... Heidi Clark
Sound Designer/
Technical Producers
..... Rob Noyes


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From left to right: Gilly Rosenthol as The Narrator, Michael McAfee as Red Shift,

Joshua Nicholson as Lumpy, Rob Noyes as Dr. Alberts, and Renée Johnson as

Penny Parker.  In foreground: Heidi Clark performing live sound effects.

Behind the camera: An actual factual audience!