Monster in the Mirror

Looking for our May 2021 reprise of our gender-swapped version of the classic Star Trek episode “Mirror, Mirror”? See its event page!

The Post-Meridian Radio Players are bringing two tales of of our own making to the stage as we present Monster in the Mirror. Featuring two classic tales of gothic horror!


The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll & Miss Hyde

Adapted by Tegan Kehoe
from the novel by Robert Louis Stevenson
and directed by Jess Viator
Mr. Utterson ..... Eric Cheung
Dr. Jekyll/Miss Hyde ..... Cari Jo Keebaugh
Mrs. Enfield ..... Kathleen Mahoney
Mrs. Poole ..... Nellie Farrington
Dr. Lanyon ..... Thomas P. Champion
Ensemble ..... Annie Moriondo
Ensemble ..... Michael Lin
Foley ..... Dave Barker
Foley ..... Liberty Moody

The Frankenstein Murders

Adapted by Michael McAfee
from the novel by Mary Shelley
and directed by Liz Salazar
Victor ..... Christian Krenek
Dr. Walton ..... Catherine Bromberg
The Creature ..... Amy Bennett-Zendzian
The Sergeant ..... Justus Perry
Elizabeth ..... Kristen Heider
Father ..... Luke Alencikas
..... Stephen Turner
..... Anna Muench
..... Joshua Heerter
..... Mare Freed
Foley ..... Kara Hurvitz
Foley ..... Diana Hsu

Monster in the Mirror will be hosted by Martha Putnam Sites

Monster in the Mirror Crew

Producer ..... Chris DeKalb
Stage Manager ..... Jake Marino
Sound Designer ..... Karen Sarao
Assistant Sound Designer ..... Tegan Kehoe
Graphic Design ..... Jennifer Spinelli
Publicity ..... Gillian Daniels
Sound Team ..... Jay Sekora and Joev Dubach
Costumer ..... Circe Rowan
Foley Coordinator ..... Kal Gieber

Performance Dates

Friday, October 23, 8pm
Saturday, October 24th, 2pm matinée
Saturday, October 24, 8pm

Thursday, October 29, 8pm
Friday, October 30, 8pm
Saturday, October 31, 8pm (Costume Contest with Prizes!)

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