Sherlock Holmes: The Adventure of the Bruce-Partington Plans at Boskone 59

On Saturday, February 19, PMRP will be presenting Sherlock Holmes in “Sherlock Holmes in the Adventure of the Bruce Partington Plans” at Boskone 59. A Boskone membership is needed to attend or view the performance, which will be presented in person in the hotel (in the Harbor I room) and streamed over Boskone’s streaming service for virtual con attendees.

In this performance, Sherlock's brother Mycroft hires Holmes and Watson to investigate a crime that threatens the security both of the crown and of England!


Saturday, February 19, 2022, at 7:00pm
(in Harbor I at Boskone, or streaming with a Boskone online membership.)

Cast and Crew

Sherlock Holmes ..... Andrew Harrington
Dr. Watson ..... Chris Chiampa
Mrs. Hudson ..... Catherine Bromberg
Mycroft ..... Mike Haddad
Lestrade ..... Justus Perry
Gent ..... Jeremy Holstein
Valentine ..... Eric Cheung
Violet ..... Catherine Bromberg
Johnson ..... Jeremy Holstein
Stage Manager ..... Meg Wickham
Foley ..... Joev Dubach
Director/Adaptor ..... Jeremy Holstein