Mrs. Hudson Investigates!

Performances: July 19, 20, 25, 26, and 27, 2019
(8pm performances on all dates, plus a 2pm matinée on Saturday the 20th)
Thursday the 25th is a pay-what-you-can performance.
Tickets are available (for purchase in advance or will-call) on our tickets page.

Join Sherlock Holmes’ long suffering landlady Martha Hudson as she hosts an evening of audio crime drama! Mrs. Hudson is the latest entry into the Post-Meridian Radio Players annual Summer Mystery series, now in its ninth year. This year we tackle two devious cases:
The Case of the Evanston Ruby — When Sherlock Holmes disappears, it’s up to Mrs. Hudson to take the case!  A young woman comes to Baker Street seeking for Sherlock Holmes to clear the name of a servant girl falsely accused of robbery.  Since Sherlock Holmes is unavailable, Mrs. Hudson agrees to do her best to help.  Together they infiltrate one of the wealthiest houses in London, and unravel the devious crime.   Written and directed by Phoebe Roberts.
The Adventure of the Empty House — It’s been three years since Sherlock Holmes’ death at the hands of Professor Moriarty, and all of London is abuzz about the impossible murder of Ronald Adair. With the assistance of Inspector Lestrade, Doctor Watson decides to see if he can work the case out for himself.  Adapted and directed by Jeremy Holstein.


The Case of the Evanston Ruby

Written and directed by Phoebe Roberts

Mrs. Hudson ..... Catherine Bromberg
Sherlock Holmes ..... Andrew Harrington
Abigail Norris ..... Jamie Lin
Mrs. Dunlop ..... Cari Keebaugh
Susan Kirkwood ..... Laura Corliss
Chef Gerard ..... Ted Kearnan
Inspector Lestrade ..... Justus Perry
Hope Evanston ..... Naomi Ibatsitas
Foley ..... Simone Agha
Foley ..... Grace Gist

The Adventure of the Empty House

Adapted and directed by Jeremy Holstein
Original Story by Arthur Conan Doyle

Sherlock Holmes ..... Andrew Harrington
Dr. Watson ..... Chris Chiampa
Professor Moriarty ..... Andrew Winson
Inspector Lestrade ..... Justus Perry
Hilda/Bassick ..... Sarah Parisi Boçi
Lady Maynooth/Mary Jane ..... Liz Salazar
Ronald/Driver ..... Pieter Wallace
Colonel Moran ..... Kevin Kordis
Mrs. Hudson ..... Catherine Bromberg
Foley ..... Tori Queeno
Foley ..... Stacie “Red” Stone


Producer/House Manager ..... Chris DeKalb
Stage Manager ..... Meg Wickham
Foley Coordinator ..... Tori Queeno
Graphics ..... Jeremy Holstein
Sound Designer ..... Paul Springer
Sound Engineer ..... Chris Cebelenski
Sound Board Op ..... Joev Dubach


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