The Big Broadcast of October 30th, 1938

Live at the Somerville Theatre!


The Frank Cyrano Byfar Hour: A lost classic from Boston's radio history! Travel back to the Golden Age of Radio, to the Rooftop Gardens Auditorium of the old Putnam-Moore Department Store in downtown Boston, and join Frank, Amelia Adams, Charley Kendall, Jenny Brennan, Lex Concord and the Minutemen and the Chowderhouse Gang for some great music, lots of Halloween fun, and a very special guest star!

Adapted and Directed by Rob Noyes. Featuring the music of Emperor Norton's Stationary Marching Band!

The War of the Worlds: We all know about the horrific events which began on the night of October 30th, 1938. An invasion force from the planet Mars landed their rocket-cylinders around the world, starting in New Jersey. But what happened in Boston during the so-called “War of the Worlds?” Now, we are able to bring you the true story of the Martian Invasion of Boston, using news bulletins and field reports—as given by the actual announcers, historical figures and military personnel at the time—and dramatic recreations to depict the amazing story of how a North End mobster, an MIT scientist, and the Massachusetts National Guard allied themselves to carry out one final strike against the Martians and drive them from the city!

Adapted by license from Howard Koch's original documentary, written for Orson Welles and the Mercury Theatre on the Air, and based on the historical accounts of H.G. Wells. “The Fall of Boston” research and script adaptation by Neil Marsh and Alicia E. Goranson.

Performance Dates

Thursday, October 29th, 2009 @ 8:00pm
Friday, October 30th, 2009 @ 8:00pm
Saturday, October 31st, 2009 @ 2:00pm & 8:00pm


Somerville Theatre
55 Davis Square
Somerville, MA 02144

Cast and Crew

The Frank Cyrano Byfar Hour

The Frank Cyrano Byfar Hour

The Byfar Hour Performers

Frank Cyrano ..... Rob Noyes
Amelia Adams ..... Juliet Bowler
Lex Concord ..... Michael Simon
Jenny Brennan ..... Marty Seeger
Charley Kendall ..... Jacob Sommer
T. F. Guy ..... Amy Sonnanstine
The Putnam Sisters
Polly ..... Melanie Arzt
Penny ..... Heidi Clark
Peggy ..... Julia Lunetta
The Minutemen ..... Emperor Norton's Stationary Marching Band
The Chowder House Gang
Howard St. Cabot-Cabot III ..... James Scheffler
Mayor Fitzcurley ..... Andy Hicks
Miss Penelope Stamp ..... Renni Boy
Jenny Gutbezahl (Understudy)
Wordsworth Willie ..... Brad Smith
The Stage Crew
Del the Floor Manager ..... Neal Leaheey
Stagehands ..... Amy Lee Bennett-Zendzian
Carl Danielson
Lev Makhlis
Jessica Raine
Matthew Sachs
The Music Team
Composers ..... Michael J. Veloso
Handsome Chuck
Lyrics ..... Rob Noyes
Dylan Foley
The Production Crew
Director ..... Rob Noyes
Rehearsal Assistant ..... Julia Tenney
Scriptwriter ..... Rob Noyes
(adapting from original material)

The War of the Worlds: The Fall of Boston

The War of the Worlds:

The Fall of Boston

The Leads

Professor Bradford ..... Brian Edgar
Vera Caldwell ..... Leslie Drescher

The Mobsters

Nicki Russo ..... Matt Ringel
Louie Palermo ..... Neal Leaheey
Vinny Vizzini ..... Nick Zendzian
Sal LoPiccolo ..... Michael Simon
Jimmy O'Toole ..... Andy Hicks
Rich Clancy ..... Michael Haddad
Connie O'Halloran ..... Jenny Gutbezahl

The WPM Staff

Announcer ..... James Scheffler
Music Announcer ..... Michael Simon
Margaret Eames ..... Katherine Bryant
Clarence Stafford ..... Brad Smith
Edward Tattershall ..... Thomas Champion
Sylvia van Warren ..... Briavael O'Reilly

The Military

Captain Essex ..... Joshua Nicholson
Corporal Mann ..... Julia Tenney
Colonel Blackwood ..... Michael Simon
Gunnery Officer ..... Michael Haddad
Observervation Officer ..... Michael McAfee
Lt. Nicholson ..... Michael Simon

The Historical Figures

Professor Shapley ..... John Olson
Governor Hurley ..... Ari Herbstman
Michael Haddad
Thomas Champion (Understudy)
Mayor Tobin ..... Mayor Joe Curtatone
Ari Herbstman
Michael Haddad (Understudy)

The Extras

Voice in Observatory ..... Julia Tenney
Soldier Voice #1 ..... Michael McAfee
Soldier Voice #2 ..... Michael Simon
Operator 1 ..... Michael McAfee
Operator 2 ..... Michael Haddad
Operator 3 ..... Katherine Bryant
Woman in Crowd ..... Julia Tenney
Little Girl in Crowd ..... Katherine Bryant
Preacher in Crowd ..... Michael Simon

The Sound Effects Team

Foley/FX Team ..... Mare Freed (Captain)
Laurie Brackett
Emily Mason
Jay Sekora
Jude Shabry
Electronic Martian FX ..... "Professor" Mike Dewberry
Digital Audio Effects ..... Neil Marsh

The Music Team

The PMRP Orchestra ..... Emporer Norton’s Stationary Marching Band
The PMRP Chorus ..... Melanie Arzt
Heidi Clark
Julia Lunetta
Jessica Raine
Composers ..... Michael J. Veloso
Handsome Chuck
Vocal Director ..... Jessica Raine
Piano Interludes ..... Michael J. Veloso

The Production Crew

Director ..... Neil Marsh
Assistant Director ..... Jessica Viator
Scriptwriters ..... Neil Marsh (Act I) &
Alicia E. Goranson (Act II)
(adapting from original material)
Script Editors ..... Michael McAfee
Jessica Viator
Judy Yen

House Crew

Theater Manager ..... Ian Judge
House Manager ..... Chris DeKalb
Usherette/Cigarette Girl Manager ..... Renée Johnson
Usherettes ..... Marianne Bayard
Emma Lathan
Gilly Rosenthol
Honey Suckle Duvet
Cigarette Girls ..... Jennifer Cseh
Elizabeth Leonard
Shelley MacAskill
Alyssa Osiecki
Bobbi Woodward
Leda Leaper, Entertainment Reporter
for The Daily Advertiser
..... Jenny Gutbezahl

Production Team

Producers ..... BK DeLong
Briavael O'Reilly
Sarah Richards
Tech Director ..... Judy Yen
Stage Manager ..... Jessica Viator
Lighting Advisor ..... Giles Halls
Lighting Design & Tech ..... Trevor Bates
Sound Designer ..... Neil Marsh
Live Sound Advisor ..... Peter Olszowka
Sound Tech ..... Mycroft
Foley Sound Board Operator ..... Sarah Richards
Foley Coordinator ..... Sarah Richards
Foley Construction Team ..... Brie Frame
James Scheffler
Graphic Designers ..... Alida Saxon
Neil Marsh
Big Broadcast Poster Design by Alida Saxon
Costuming Team ..... Arwen Miller
Katherine Bryant
Kathleen DiSimone
Sylvine Raverdy
Make-up Team ..... Robin Colleen Moore
Kathleen DiSimone
Program Design ..... Neil Marsh
Julia Tenney
Web Content ..... Alicia Goranson
Neil Marsh
Rob Noyes
National Guard Historical Consultant ..... Brig. Gen. (MA) Leonid Kondratiuk


The Somerville Theatre