The Madmen’s Guild

On the West Coast of Ungland there sits quaint and quirksome Coppersteam City; home to people, places, and things of every ilk, stamp, and kidney. However... the more idiosyncratic of characters tend to frequent an uncertain establishment on Runcible Street. Knock at the door of “Ye Olde Cracked Pot”, show your spoon to the baboon, come and join the Hatters for tea...

Episode One, “I’ve Got No Spoon”, premiered on the Post Meridian Radio Players Podcast over the course of winter 2023. You can listen to it on the podcast or following the links below! And scroll down for the credits!



Episode 1, “I’ve Got No Spoon” by Isaiah Plovnick

Edward Von Arkham ..... Isaiah Plovnick
Ada Wellsverne ..... Ashley Risteen
Simon Sparkowitz ..... Pieter Wallace
Eloise Trapeze ..... Cari Keebaugh
Jack Waxblott  ..... Lilydean Della Quercia
Penny Peppersass ..... Rebecca Greene
Vera ..... Arielle Kaplan
Crackitus Quirkwright ..... Andy Leblanc
Mr. Flatfuse
Dr. Knochengerüst
Mrs. McRivett
..... Andrew Winson
Professor Van Widdershins
Grandma Sprocket
..... Eric Cheung
Digby ..... Jeremy Holstein
Constable Fumpspoke ..... Justus Perry
Phinneas Wattney ..... Aaron Stolicker
Postman Sputtertilt ..... Chingwe Sullivan
Ensemble ..... Naomi Ibasitas
Ensemble ..... Jackie Freyman
Ensemble ..... Phoebe Roberts