The Library

Welcome friends! The art of radio drama is an exciting and exhilarating way to tell stories and we’re glad you are able to experience it with us. The Post-Meridian Radio Players do our very best to give you tales to thrill, chill and amuse. We are honored that so many fans have joined us so far.

For those fans who wish to go above and beyond in their support we have created The Library. By becoming Patrons of The Library you will be supporting PMRP so that we can continue to produce the best radio drama we can.

Joining the Library costs $60 for one calendar year.

In recognition of your support Patrons receive the following benefits:

  • A snazzy membership card
  • Your name listed both on the website and the programs of our shows (optional)
  • Free admission to all live performances
  • Concession items are only $1 for you!
  • Discounts on select items at the Merch table!
  • And the cost is fully tax-deductable!

If you would like to join you may click on the purchase button below or you may join at any of our shows.

Patrons of The Library

A very special thanks to those who have donated for The Library and help contribute to PMRP's success!
Susan Alyn