2018 Season

  • Our performance at Arisia in January 2018 was another gender-swapped take on Star Trek. We adapted the episode “Amok Time”, in which Ms. Spock undergoes the periodic Vulcan phenomenon known as pon farr, which shatters her rational self-control and compels her to return to Vulcan and take a husband. But her fiancé makes a choice that puts both her and Captain Jane T. Kirk at risk.
  • In April, our Spring Adventure show, Lest We Forget, featured “Double Deception”, an original story featuring the WWII-era comic-book superhero War Nurse, who fights Nazis by caring for allied forces in her day job, and then goes undercover to fight Nazis with her wits and fists along with her Commandos, and two companion pieces, “Blow That Whistle” and “Hey Cabbie” originally produced in 1947 by the Anti-Defamation League’s Institute for Democratic Education on the themes of American values of tolerance and pluralism.
  • In July, our Summer Mystery show was Moriarty’s Mysteries, featuring Vera Wolfe in “The Boy Who Cried Wolfe,” a gender-swapped adaptation of a Nero Wolfe radio drama originally broadcast in 1950, Arsène Lupin in “Sherlock Holmes Arrives Too Late,” and Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson in “The Final Problem.”
  • In August, we had a one-day reprise of our gender-swapped take on the classic Star Trek episode “Amok Time”, originally performed at the 2018 Arisia science-fiction convention.
  • While this wasn’t a performance, in September, we hosted an audio postproduction class.
  • In October, we presented The Van Helsing Chronicles, pairing original adaptations of Richard Marsh’s The Beetle and Bram Stoker’s Dracula, hosted by Prof. Van Helsing.
  • In December, we brought back by popular demand our original adaptation of that 1964 Christmas classic film, Santa Claus Conquers the Martians, in which Martians, concerned that their children are bored and listless and don’t want to do anything but watch Earth television programs, kidnap Santa Claus (and a couple of unlucky Earth children) from Earth and bring him to Mars to make toys so their children can be kids again.