Arisia ’08: Red Shift, “Havoc over Holowood”

IT'S GO TIME! THE POST-MERIDIAN RADIO PLAYERS return to Boston's largest sci-fi convention with another live episode of their original sci-fi comedy, which both parodies and pays homage to the pulp sci-fi serials of the 1930s and 40s. Join Red, Lumpy, Doc Alberts and Penny Parker, Girl Reporter as they try to save a beloved space celebrity from his worst nightmare: angry fans with atomic weaponry!

(Be sure to hang around for a live performance of a specially-written episode of the Parsec Award-nominated fantasy podcast, Second Shift, performed by members of the series' cast, followed by a panel discussion and Q&A session on Audio Theater production in New England!)

Performance Dates

Sunday, January 20th, beginning at 2:00 PM


Arisia '08

Hyatt Regency Cambridge

President's Ballroom D

Cambridge, MA


Red Shift .... Michael McAfee
Lumpy .... Josh Nicholson
Penny Parker .... Renée Johnson
Dr. Alberts .... Rob Noyes
Narrator .... Gilly Rosenthol
JetPack Jones/
Arthur Cogznowski
.... Michael Simon
Femme Fatalia/
Henrietta Nilconk
.... Juliet Bowler
Tour Guide .... Joye Thaller
Spetacosians .... Mare Freed
Julia Lunetta
Brian Rust
Christian Sterling
Director .... Rob Noyes
Producer .... Renée Johnson
Technical Director/
Sound Designer
.... Neil Marsh
Creator/Head Writer .... Rob Noyes
Writing Team .... Pete Goodrich
Michael McAfee
Brian Rust


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Red Shift
Audio is on the “Havoc Over Holowood!” page on our old web site.


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