Moriarty’s Mysteries: Three Mysterious Tales hosted by the Napoleon of Crime

Performances: July 20, 21, 26, 27, and 28, 2018
(8pm performances on all dates, plus a 2pm matinée on Saturday the 21st)
Thursday the 26th is a pay-what-you-can performance.

The Post-Meridian Radio Players are proud to present our 2018 Summer Mystery show, Moriarty’s Mysteries. Our line up this year will be as follows:

Vera Wolfe in “The Boy Who Cried Wolfe.” A recreation of a 1950 Nero Wolfe radio broadcast, presented as originally broadcast but with all pronouns swapped. Vera Wolfe and Audrey Goodwin are visited by an homme fatale who is convinced that his boss is in danger. Directed by Jess Viator.

Arsène Lupin in “Sherlock Holmes Arrives Too Late.” Arsène Lupin is planning a daring burglary in the French countryside. No less than a certain English detective has been called upon to stop him, though he won't be the only familiar face to challenge the gentleman thief. Directed by Chris Chiampa.

Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson in “The Final Problem.” Sherlock Holmes battles his most famous adversary, the infamous Professor Moriarty. Directed by Jeremy Holstein.


The Boy Who Cried Wolfe

Directed by Jess Viator
Adapted by Jeremy Holstein

Vera Wolfe ..... Caitlin Mason
Audrey ..... Cari Keebaugh
Marty ..... Josh Luckens
Stephens/Sonya ..... Tori Queeno
Larry ..... Keegan Hannon
Patricia/The Announcer ..... Karen Sarao
Schwartz ..... Kate Mahoney 
Foley ..... Grace Gist
Foley ..... Rashi Verma

Sherlock Holmes Arrives Too Late

Directed by Chris Chiampa
Adapted by Michael Lin

Arsène Lupin ..... Michael Lin
Devanne ..... Will Spreadbury
Miss Nelly ..... Kristen Heider
Sherlock Holmes ..... Andrew Harrington
Irene Adler ..... Austen Wright
Ensemble ..... Catherine Bromberg
Ensemble ..... Kevin Kordis
Foley ..... Naomi Hinchen

The Final Problem

Adapted and directed by Jeremy Holstein

Sherlock Holmes ..... Andrew Harrington
Watson ..... Chris Chiampa
Moriarty ..... Andrew Winson
Bassick/Child ..... Emma Joyce
Bassick/Child (Understudy) ..... Emily Penta
Moran/Conductor ..... Kevin Kordis
Frau Steiler ..... Catherine Bromberg
Foley ..... Keisha Warriner
Foley ..... Tori Queeno


Producer ..... Chris DeKalb
Sound Designer ..... Jeremy Holstein
Stage Manager ..... Meg Wickham
Sound Engineer ..... Chris Cebelenski
Sound Board Op ..... Simone Agha


Boston Brunch Church
(fomerly Responsible Grace Church)
204 Elm Street
Somerville, MA

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