Tomes of Terror 3

Tomes of Terror III

In Memory of Len Peterson (1917-2008)*


Once again, THE POST-MERIDIAN RADIO PLAYERS will bring you laughs, thrills and chills for Halloween with their annual LIVE "staged radio thrillogy", Tomes of Terror!

Come see radio drama performed the way it was back in the 1930's, 40's & 50's: with actors on microphones and a live Foley team creating sound effects, often with with unexpected, everyday objects.


The Baby Snooks Show: An evening of trick-or-treating turns intoa hilarious night of disasters, as Daddy tries to one-up the father of Snooks’ friend, Roger. Of course, things never go as smoothly as Daddy plans, and events escalate into an all-out prank war!
The 1946 Halloween episode of the classic Golden Age comedy that originally starred Fanny Brice. Written by Philip Rapp.

Reynardine: In a small English village, tempers flare over a Prophecy that a terrible fate will befall the village if a fox is killed during the annual Hunt.  What does Alice know?  Why does she fear the return of her lover, gone now these five years? And what part does the mysterious were-fox play in it all?
Adapted by our own Renée Johnson from Athan Y. Chilton's short story The Ballad of Reynardine, which was based on modern interpretations of the popular English ballad "The Mountains High".

The Tell-Tale Heart: In Edgar Allan Poe's chilling tale of methodical murder, a man calmly narrates his cold-blooded killing of a prominent farmer in a small community. His carefully planned disposal of the evidence goes unnoticed by even the police, until the evidence itself comes back to haunt him...
Adapted for CBC Radio's Nightfall supernatural-horror anthology series by Len Peterson in 1980.

WARNING: This production of "The Tell-Tale Heart" contains brief incidents of graphic audio violence and may not be suitable for younger attendees.

Performance Dates

Wednesday, October 29th, 2008 @ 7:30pm
Thursday, October 30th, 2008 @ 7:30pm
Friday, October 31st, 2008 @ 7:30pm
Saturday, November 1st, 2008 @ 7:30pm


Unity Church of God
6 William Street
Somerville, MA 02144
(4 blocks up College Avenue from the Davis Square T-Station)

*In Memoriam

Our Miss Brooks

Leonard Byron Peterson

Our show this year is dedicated to the memory of Len Peterson, the Canadian playwright who granted us permission to perform some of his plays from CBC Radio's Nightfall, a supernatural- horror anthology series that ran in the early 1980s.  Mr. Peterson passed away on February 28th of this year, at the age of 90, leaving behind a legacy of award-winning radio dramas about many social issues which, when originally written, caused much controversy.
We at PMRP were saddened to hear of his passing, but are grateful to Mr. Peterson for allowing us to perform some of his works for a new audience.
There's an extensive article about Mr. Peterson and his writing career on the Toronto Globe and Mail website.

Cast & Crew

The Librarian

Host Segments

The Librarian ..... Renni Boy
Writer ..... Michael McAfee

Our Miss Brooks

The Baby Snooks Show

The 1946 Halloween Episode
by Philip Rapp
Originally produced and directed by Philip Rapp
Licensed by agreement with Paul Rapp of

Mr. Wilcox
..... Nick Zendzian
Snooks ..... Kristen Bays
Mommy ..... Delilah Webb
Daddy ..... Tom Champion
Phoebe ..... Melanie Arzt
Roger ..... Christine Liu
Mr. Hopkins ..... Michael Simon
The Insurance Doctor ..... Matt McIrvin
Foley/FX Team ..... Mare Freed (Captain)
Alissa Lerman
Gilly Rosenthol
Brian Rust
Musical Accompaniment ..... Shu Yu Lin
Director ..... Rob Noyes
Rehearsal Assistant ..... Judy Yen

Image by Eric Elliot, used by permission


Based on The Ballad of Reynardine by Athan Y. Chilton
Adapted with Permission by Renée Johnson

Alice Reynolds ..... Jennifer Cseh
Matthew Smythe ..... Josh Nicholson
"Big" Tom Lloyd ..... Andrew Winson
Margaret Lloyd ..... Katherine Bryant
Squire Reynolds ..... John Bowker
Geoffrey Reynolds ..... James Scheffler
Marcel de Reynardine ..... Nathaniel Gundy
Bastienne de Reynardine ..... Natasha Collette
Silas Cooper
..... Matt Kimmel
Foley/FX Team ..... Shaunna Francis (Captain)
Amy Sonnanstine
Michael Dewberry
Musical Accompaniment ..... Daniel "Rourkie" O'Rourke
Jay Nungesser
Brie Frame
Carolyn VanEseltine
Director ..... Renée Johnson
Rehearsal Assistant ..... BK DeLong

The Stone Ship

The Tell-Tale Heart

Based on the short story by Edgar Allan Poe
Adapted for Nightfall by Len Peterson
Originally produced by Bill Howell
Transcribed for PMRP by Alex Feinman

Narrator/Alfred Bane ..... Jay Sekora
Whetherby ..... Julia Lunetta
Officer 1 ..... Monty Lyons
Officer 2 ..... Brendan O'Toole
Foley/FX Team ..... Mare Freed (Captain)
Angela Harrer
Sarah Richards
Original Music ..... Andrew Hicks
of "The Pluto Tapes"
Director ..... Ari Herbstman



Administrative Producer ..... Renée Johnson
Administrative Production Assistant ..... BK DeLong
House Manager ..... Chris DeKalb
Publicity Coordinator ..... Beckie Hunter
Advertising Team ..... Heidi Clark
Sarah Richards
Graphic Designer ..... Grace Liang
Photographers ..... Steve Huff
BK DeLong
Shelley MacAskill
Neil Marsh

Technical Crew

Technical Producer ..... Neil Marsh
Tecnichal Production Assistants ..... Sarah Richards (Foley)
Alicia Goranson (Sound Design)
Stage Manager ..... TBA
Sound Designer ..... Neil Marsh
Foley/FX Coordinator ..... Neil Marsh
Foley/FX Construction ..... Ed Poznysz


Tomes of Terror theme "Creep" &
transitional music "Theme 01"
..... Kevin Hartnell


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