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Second Shift Second Shift
A Parsec Award-nominated fantasy series following an ambitious, character-centric story arc about three college students from Boston.  Summoned to a strange world against their will, they must find their places there or find a way home. New friends, new enemies, clashes of culture and clashes of personality help and hinder them in their search for answers.

Afterhell Afterhell
All over the world, civilization has fallen. Cities burn with lunacy and brimstone. Science can't explain it. Faith can't account for it. The human race is under attack from its own shadows, sins, and deepest fears. The survivors face a surreal existence where only the darkest dreams come true. No one is safe. And everyone is on trial.

Decoder Ring Theatre Decoder Ring Theatre
Those thrilling days of yesteryear... Today!  All-new full-cast audio drama in the classic style.  Toronto-based producers of The Red Panda Adventures and Black Jack Justice.

The Wilammette Radio Workshop The Willammette Radio Workshop
A professional theatrical organization dedicated to the creation of original material for presentation on the Radio, Internet, as CDs or whatever audio venues are available or appropriate. They produce shows both in studio and at live venues. As an organization they want to acknowledge the influence and preserve the history of Radio Theatre as they work to create its present, to that end their work also includes re-creations or re-imaginings of Classic Radio programs.

Darker Projects Darker Projects
A darker audio drama company who present original projects such as Tales from the Museum, The Byron Chronicles, and The Falcon Banner, in addition to their popular Star Trek and Doctor Who interpretations.
Nightfall Nightfall
CBC Radio’s infamous supernatural/horror anthology series, from the early 1980s, is considered by some to be the most terrifying radio program ever made.

CBS Radio Mystery Theatre CBS Radio Mystery Theatre
An ambitious and sustained attempt in the 1970s to revive the great drama of old-time radio. Created by Himan Brown (who had by then become a radio legend due to his work on Inner Sanctum Mysteries, The Adventures of Nero Wolfe and other shows dating back to the 1930s), it aired on affiliate stations across the CBS Radio network. The series began its long run January 6, 1974; the final episode ran December 31, 1982.
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Since 1970, ZBS has been producing radio/audio stories, including the wildly-popular Ruby: Galactic Gumshoe and Jack Flanders adventures. These are comic and cosmic adventures, science fiction, mystical mysteries - some with spiritual wisdoms woven within.