The Mask of Inanna

by Alicia E. Goranson

The Mask of Inanna

In the early 1950s, Leonard Allen was the producer and host of After Dark, a very popular, independently-produced suspense-horror radio show. His on-air persona, Dr. Damien Crask, was practically a household name. But when his best friend and business partner, Robert Stroud, stole the scripts and decamped for Hollywood to produce his own show, After Dark lost its biggest sponsor and Allen, feeling betrayed, gave up.  After Dark died, unfinished.

Fifty years later, Allen is dying in a state-run nursing home, when he approached by the mysterious David Lewis, a smooth-talking businessman who gives him a strange offer: the role of caretaker and tour guide for an historic lighthouse off the New England coast. Allen is unable to resist the lure of a mystery and, when invigorated by a sudden and unexplained improvement in his health, he accepts the job.

But for Allen, settling into his new home, overlooking the stormy sea below, it all seems too perfect. Just who are the people of Sea Robin Island and why do so many of them seem familiar? Why go through so much effort to get one, very specific, old man for such a mundane job? Why does a very useful, technically-minded teenage girl show up on his doorstep just before he discovers a disused radio transmission facility behind a door locked from the inside? And why is it so important for Dr. Damien Crask to return to the airwaves long after America has left the Golden Age of Radio behind?

Parsec Awards 2012 WinnerLeonard Allen is determined to get answers, but shortly after he discovers the bizarre truth, he learns that the plan is destined to go horribly, horribly wrong.  Sea Robin Island will become a wasteland and hundreds of thousands of American soldiers in Iraq will face demons far greater than any mortal enemy if something isn't done. But how can one old man and one rebellious teenage girl prevent the wrath of a vengeful goddess?

Principal Cast

Leonard Allen
Dr. Damien Crask
..... Andrew LeBrun
Sara "Scottie" Harper ..... Nellie Farrington
David Lewis ..... Doug Miller
Jessie McAlister ..... Katherine Bryant
Matt Lerner ..... Michael Babish
Isabel Huddleston ..... Marleigh Norton
Robert Stroud ..... James Scheffler
Gwen Somerset ..... Leslie Drescher

Supporting Cast

Mr. Oboler ..... Julia Lunetta
Orson ..... Kerri Babish
The Mouse ..... Jenny Gutbezahl
Chris ..... Brad Smith


Writer & Principal Director ..... Alicia E. Goranson
Executive Producer for PMRP ..... Neil Marsh
Script Editor ..... Vicki Bloom
Production Assistants ..... Paul Dworkin
Emma Lathan
Lisa Sturgeon