The Duke of Newbury Street welcomes you . . . to adventure!

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The Post-Meridian Radio Players present Episode 3 of the new three-part drama, The Duke of Newbury Street, an original radio adventure presented by The Post-Meridian Radio Players, written by Jeremy Branton Holstein, and created by Neil Marsh and Rob Noyes. (Here’s the full cast and crew.) If you haven’t yet heard them, you can find Episodes 1 and 2 below.

The setting is Boston, just before America enters WWII. Cat burglar extraordinaire, Cleo Carmel, tried to leave town, but has been caught by the mysterious agents who hired her in the first place. But her fate and that of reclusive millionaire Alexander Endicott have yet to be determined . . .

Here’s episode 2, posted April 18, 2015. (Episode 1 is below.)

And here’s episode 1, posted April 11, 2016:

Each episode is roughly 20 minutes long, featuring PMRP’s standard high quality of writing, acting and sound.

What next?

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A Word from Our Sponsor

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