Come audition for Beyond Grimm!

As previously announced, audition signups are now open for Tomes of Terror: Beyond Grimm, our Halloween show, which will have six performances from October 25–November 2. We've now got audition forms posted for you to fill out and bring with you to your audition slot. (Still to come: audition sides.) See our Auditions page to learn how to sign up for an audition slot and what to expect from auditions, and if you've already signed up for an audition slot, you can get the availability calendar and audition form to print out from our Audition Documents folder on Google Drive.

And of course, whether you want to audition or just come see the show, you can learn more about the performance itself on its event page. Also, congratulations to Tegan Kehoe, J. Deschene, Laura Corliss, and Joye Thaller, who have been chosen to direct the four segments.

Audition or direct for our Halloween show!

As previously mentioned, audition signups are open for our Halloween show, Tomes of Terror: Beyond Grimm. Find out how to audition on our auditions page, and/or learn more about the show itself on its own page.

Also, we’re looking for directors for two of the segments! The deadline to apply to direct is this Friday, August 2! Read our call for directors to learn how to apply. Audio drama experience of some kind is a plus, but first-time directors are encouraged to apply.

Come audition for us!

Audition signups are now open for our summer mystery show, "Mrs. Hudson Presents" and to fill the role of Ms. Spock in a reprise of our gender-swapped adaptation of the original-series Star Trek episode "The Enterprise Incident". (You can always learn about any auditions we're scheduling on our Auditions page.) Update: Audition sides are available for both shows. See their respective audition pages for links. We’ve fixed the link for the Enterprise Incident sides.

New PMRP officers!

At our recent steering committee meeting on Thursday, March 14, a new slate of officers was elected. None of the elections was contested. Re-elected were Financial Director Chris DeKalb, Managing Director Mare Freed, and Technical Director Karen Sarao. Jeremy Holstein was elected our new Artistic Director, and Will Spreadbury was elected our new Publicity Director. (Tori Queeno will be assisting Will with publicity.)

No one ran to fill the position of Clerk, alas, so that position is still vacant.

Congratulations to our incoming officers, and congratulations and thanks to our outgoing Artistic Director Liz Salazar and Publicity Director Michael Lin!

(You can read more about the roles of our officers, and see our artists in residence and appointed volunteer staff, on our PMRP People page.)

Come audition for “The Yellow Wallpaper”

Come audition for our next studio recording, a radio-drama adaptation of the Charlotte Perkins Gilman story “The Yellow Wallpaper”! Auditions will be on Thursday, February 7, in the Davis Square area, and the recording will be on Friday, March 8! See our Auditions page for information about how to audition and more information about the radio play!

(If you’ve already signed up for an audition slot online, paper audition forms and audition sides are now available.)

Audition for our spring show!

Auditions are now open for our spring show, featuring “Filibus: The Mysterious Sky Pirate”, an adaptation of the 1915 silent film, and “Confidence Confidant”, an original dramatization of one of the historical cases of Kate Warne, the first female Pinkerton agent. Both segments feature leading women who are masters of intrigue, deception, and adventure!

To learn more about our audition process and sign up for an audition slot, go to (and for more about the show itself see its event page). (Also, auditions will be on February 7th for our studio project “The Yellow Wallpaper”.)

We perform in the style of the Golden Age of Radio with actors on-book in front of microphones and sound effects produced onstage in front of a live audience.

Auditions will be on Monday, January 28th, and Tuesday, January 29th, with callbacks (if needed) on Thursday, January 31st. Performances will be from April 5th–13th in Somerville, MA.

There will be positions for both voice and foley artists! PMRP encourages performers of all ethnic and racial backgrounds to audition. Those with disabilities are welcome to audition, although please note our rehearsal/performance space is not wheelchair accessible.

We cannot accept Equity members at this time.

Listen to Santa Claus Conquers the Martians on Christmas Eve!

If you missed our live performances of “Santa Claus Conquers the Martians” this year, you have another chance to listen to it! South Shore radio station 95.9 WATD FM will be broadcasting and streaming the recording of our Saturday evening performance (edited for time) at 8:00pm (EST) on Christmas Eve as part of their holiday broadcast lineup. (PMRP fans may also be interested in their 6pm broadast of “A Christmas Carol” by the Talking Information Center Radio and Podcast Players, and their 7pm Christmas storytelling show.)


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