Call for Scripts: Halloween 2019!

Update: Scripts have been chosen, and we’ll be presenting four creepy tales from around the globe as our Halloween show, Tomes of Terror: Beyond Grimm! Audition signups are now open!

This Halloween PMRP wants spooky, scary and horrifying scripts inspired by folklore and ghost stories from around the world.


  • We are looking for original adaptations of existing folk tales, fairy tales, and ghost stories from around the world.  In particular, we’re seeking stories that a typical American audience aren’t likely to have seen in other media.
  • The original stories should be in the public domain.
  • Adaptations with some revisions, such as gender-swaps and setting changes, are acceptable.  (In fact, we encourage diverse perspectives in your story!)
  • While some humor is fine, we are not looking for parodies.


  • Please submit scripts in radio drama format. (We will not disqualify scripts that don’t perfectly conform to BBC format, but please make sure they’re easily readable.) This performance uses live Foley performers as well, so remember the sound effects.
  • Your play should run 22 to 25 minutes.
  • There is a maximum of 5 voice characters on mic at any one time (we have a small stage).  Crowd scenes do not count towards this limit.
  • Although this is a horror show, gore and adult content should be kept to a reasonable level. PG-13 is fine, R is okay, but NC-17 is right out.
  • Previously produced material is allowed, provided the author retains the rights to the script.
  • Up to two submissions from the same author(s) are allowed.
  • Performance scripts may receive minor revisions in the course of production. We will endeavor to be respectful of authorial voice if that occurs and consult with the playwright(s) when possible. PMRP retains all performance rights including director choice, casting, and sound design.

Scripts need to be received on or before June 1st.   Notifications about acceptance will go out by July 1st.   


Please send your completed script to Michael Lin at  PDF format is preferred, although we will accept .doc files as well. 

Please include your contact information (name, e-mail, and phone) as well as a brief (2-3 sentences) summary on the title page.

The Fine Print

If a script is accepted, PMRP will pay the playwright(s) $50 for the rights to produce and perform the script, record our performances, and sell said recordings. Playwrights will receive a digital copy of our recording after completion of post-production. All other script rights (including ownership) remain with the playwrights. As noted previously, scripts may be revised as needed for the performance and PMRP retains all performance rights including director choice, casting, and sound design.

Rights payments will be sent on or before November 15th, 2019.
PMRP is not required to accept any submissions.  In the unfortunate occurrence that none of the submissions are accepted, Halloween 2019 will be performed with pre-existing scripts instead.
We look forward to reading your your work!

Chris DeKalb
PMRP Halloween 2019