Cast and crew of PMRP’s The Duke of Newbury Street

PMRP’s latest studio project, The Duke of Newbury Street, was written by
Jeremy Holstein
and directed by
Michael McAfee
with production assistant
Liz Salazar
and features
Daniel Dolinov ..... Alexander Endicott
Nellie Farrington ..... Cleo Carmel
Matthew Ringel ..... Dmitry
Tom Champion ..... Anton
Jay Sekora ..... Yaakov
borscht testimonial
Mike Sprague ..... Lou
Emery Westlake ..... a delivery person
Mare Freed ..... Bertha
Liz Salazar ..... borscht testimonial
Rob Noyes ..... announcer

Come back on Monday, April 4, to download or listen to the first part — the full story will be available for free.