Tickets for our spring show now available!

Tickets and reservations are now available for our spring show — local author Michael Lin’s Cold-War spy thriller, “Women Behind the Curtain”, accompanied by our recreation of the 1948 radio play “The Outcasts”.

In Michael Lin’s original spy thriller “Women Behind the Curtain”, directed by Jay Sekora, a French spy in the Soviet Union finds unexpected allies — and unexpected enemies!

And in “The Outcasts”, directed by Kitty Drexel, a group of homeowners wonder whether prospective homebuyers are the kinds of neighbors they want — and one of them has to decide whether to risk speaking her mind.

You can learn more about the show on its page, and you can find links to buy tickets (or to make a seat reservation for the first weekend and pay at the door) on our Tickets page, but here’s the short form: