Call for submissions for our 2018 Halloween show

The Post-Meridian Radio Players are now accepting proposals for our Halloween show! Have a story you think we should do? A burning desire to do Tomes of Terror: Nights of the Lepus? Now's your chance!

This call is open to full-length (90+ minutes) or anthologies.

Send your proposals or any questions to by May 31st!

Your proposal should include:

  1. What is your story idea? Give us a description of your play or festival and why you think PMRP should do it this Halloween. Include any special pros or cons that we should consider regarding your idea.
  2. Full scripts would be required by August 1st. So if you can include a script, even if it's a first draft, with your submission would be greatly appreciated.
  3. Submissions must be either original works, based on public domain or works where the rights are available.

What we're looking for:

It's the Halloween show, so we are looking for horror or dark mystery tales. Tales based on classic literature or folklore are always popular, but new or
recent works are fine too. We are not looking for non-fiction entries for this call.

Make sure it's at least somewhat family friendly. It's a public performance so works should be PG-13 or light R. NC-17 is right out.

Submissions must be scripted audio dramas. Regular stageplays or film screenplays will not be accepted.

We strongly recommend female characters.

The show must have more than 4 characters and enough sound effects for the Foley Artists.

Legal stuff:

Rights payments will be determined based on the accepted submission.

Rights payment will be for performance and recording rights, the script ownership remains with the author.

PMRP is not required to accept any of the submissions received. In the event none of the submissions are chosen the Steering Committee will select a different script from elsewhere.

PMRP reserves the right to edit the script after submission as necessary.

PMRP reserves all marketing and creative rights in regard to the Halloween show.

So have a great idea you want to pitch us? We hope to hear from you!

Chris DeKalb
Tomes of Terror 2014-2017