Seeking directors for our upcoming spring show

The Post-Meridian Radio Players are seeking directors for our upcoming spring show, a double-feature of suspense, disguise, and adventure! Our plays are:

“Confidence Confidant”
A short historical play about the first female Pinkerton detective, who goes undercover to befriend the wife of a suspected embezzler and glean the evidence needed to close the case, and in doing so prove the value of women as detectives and law enforcement officers.

“Filibus, the Mysterious Sky Pirate”
An adaptation of a pulp-era silent film revolving around Filibus, a lady thief who uses gadgets, guile, and gender-bending disguises to con untold riches into her grasp. In this tale, Filibus seduces a wealthy antique collector for a priceless relic, all while turning the tables on her police inspector nemesis.

If you're interested in learning more about the show and how to apply to direct, check out our call for directors on Google Docs and script excerpts and a tentative show schedule.