Follow-Up Statement Re: Arisia Convention Performances

We at the Post-Meridian Radio Players have been closely following and discussing the steps that the Arisia leadership have been taking in recent days to repair their relationship with their fans and collaborators,. We recognize the changes in Executive Board membership and are encouraged by the ongoing policy review, as well as pleased that the 2019 convention location has been changed in support of the striking workers of the Westin Boston Waterfront. After careful consideration, we have come to the belief that the changes made thus far are meaningful, sincere, and executed in good faith.

We know that the conversation surrounding these issues is not over, and we will continue to listen for and take into account the wishes of those most directly affected by Arisia's past mistakes. However, for members of the Arisia fan community who look forward to our annual Arisia programming, we want you to know that in light of progress made, we intend to perform at Arisia as planned, provided that the work to make good continues. We send our gratitude to our audience for bearing with us as we formulated our response. We wish the newly elected members of the Arisia Executive Board luck in moving Arisia towards a safer and more responsive future, and we look forward to building a healthy and productive working relationship with them.

The Post-Meridian Radio Players Steering Committee