Public Statement Re: Arisia Convention Performances

We at the Post-Meridian Radio Players are committed to supporting Crystal Huff following her bringing to light the deeply upsetting actions taken by Arisia leadership to shield and promote her assailant.

As a performance group, we have long appreciated our working relationship with the Arisia convention. That relationship ends immediately, unless the called-for changes in leadership take place.

We are hopeful that the complicit members of the Arisia executive board will do the right thing in stepping down, thereby enabling us and other performing arts groups to perform at the upcoming convention in good conscience. That said, if we must withdraw our programming, we are determined to find new avenues through which to reach the Arisia fan community, ones which we hope will be safer and better equipped to take warranted disciplinary actions.

Until then, we send our sympathy and support to Crystal Huff and the many members of the Arisia community (ourselves included) disappointed by the Arisia executive board and emotionally impacted by these proceedings.

The Post-Meridian Radio Players Steering Committee