PMRP Officer Elections, March 29

Elections for the PMRP Officer positions has come upon us again. Please "Read more" to check out the list of positions below as well as this PDF document with full details if you are interested in running. (Information about our officers and other PMRP volunteer positions is also on the PMRP People page.) Please note that the positions of Publicity Director, Clerk and Company Technical Director are currently open.

If you are interested in running please contact Chris DeKalb at

The elections will be at the next PMRP Committee Meeting at 6:30pm on March 29th at Unity Church (6 Wiliam St., Somerville, near Davis Square at the intersection of William St. and College Ave.).

Current Officer Positions

    Managing Director
    Current: Elizabeth Salazar
    • Oversees operational aspects of PMRP
    Artistic Director
    Current: Caitlin Mason
    • Oversees artistic decisions of PMRP
    Financial Director
    Current: Chris DeKalb
    • Oversees financial aspects of PMRP
    Current: Open
    • Records notes of the committee meetings and sends them to the list.
    Publicity Director
    Current: Open
    • handles publicity, press and social media in conjunction with the Artistic Director
    Company Tech Director
    Current: Open
    • Oversees our equipment and foley
    • oversees the digital library

(The Webmaster position is an appointed position and is not part of the election.)

As a reminder both unfilled positions and held positions are open for candidates.

If you have any questions or comments please let us know.