Sound and Foley Class!

Have you ever wanted to create the sounds in a play? Perhaps you want to create the gunshots, horse hooves and window shatterings that abound in theater?
Well The Post-Meridian Radio Players are presenting a class on just that. Come by Responsible Grace Church on Saturday July 29th to find out if being a Sound Designer or a Foley artist is for you!

From Noon to 1pm we will be presenting an Introduction to Sound Design, going over what a Sound Designer does, where you get the sound files and what to do when you have them. It will be a good way for you to see if you’d like to pursue being a Sound Designer for a show.

Then from 2-4pm we will be presenting Foley 101. Learn how to create sounds live on stage with a variety of tools! This will feature both discussion and a hands-on portion. This will give you a stress-free way to see if you’re interested in PMRP (or other audio groups) Foley roles.

Attendees are welcome to attend either or both of the segments. It is a free class, although a box for donations is available if you feel so inclined.
Responsible Grace Church is at 204 Elm St. Somerville.