Auditions: Character Descriptions (Tomes of Terror: Nevermore)

[This show has already been cast; this page is retained for archival purposes only.]

These are the roles we are looking to fill for PMRP’s 2014 Halloween show “Tomes of Terror: Nevermore”. If you have any questions about the project please visit or email

You can also download these descriptions in PDF format.

The Raven

Directed by Liz Salazar
(Please note this part of the play is only half as long as the other segments)
Narrator (Any gender/age):
A lonely person mourning a dead lover; startled awake late one night by an unexpected visitor.
Raven (Any gender/age):
A clever bird or messenger from the hereafter, whose responses seem to reflect the Narrator's grieving thoughts.
Foley Team (any):
1 or 2 Foley artists, may be doubled from other segments.

Masque of the Red Death

Directed by A. Lehrmitt and Justus Perry
Prince Prospero (Male, 20s-30s).
A pompous and ruthless leader who puts his reputation and the enjoyment of his people above their safety.
Duke Reginald (Male [females may be considered], 30s and up).
A nobleman who takes great pride in his resourcefulness and genius; a bit egomaniacal, but very close to the Prince.
Bernardo -or- Bernadette (Any gender / age).
An upperclassman who may or may not be trying to hide a faint illness, terrified that he should be seen as unfit. Should double with the Uninvited Guest: an eerie, unknowable character who should put one at ill ease with just a whisper, and who harbors a chilling secret.
Francis -or- Francesca (Any gender / age).
A haughty upper-class party guest who becomes more and more unhinged as the play goes on, fearful of something wrong in his surroundings that only he seems to notice.
Angelo -or- Angelica (Any gender / age).
An upper-class party guest whose fun-loving nature makes him perfectly naïve of anything out of ordinary occurring around him.
Claudio -or- Claudette (Any gender / age).
An friendly and sympathetic upper-class party guest in pointed denial of any threat that may be present.
Foley Team (any):
2 Foley artists

The Fall of the House of Usher

Directed by Michael McAfee
Narrator (any gender/age):
Friend of Usher, sensible
Usher (any gender/age):
Wealthy, upper-class, afraid of the world
Foley team (any):
Two Foley Artists, may include vocal effects as well, including screams

The Cask of Amontillado

Directed by Mare Freed
(please note this version will be set in 1920s Prohibition-era America)
Mr. Montresor (Male, middle-age):
A wealthy American heir with a highly vindictive nature. No accent.
Mr. Fortunato (Male, middle-age to senior):
A wealthy drunkard, irresponsible and crass. No accent.
Mr. Luchresi (Male, any age):
The party host. Jovial and festive.
Mrs. Luchresi (Female, any age):
The party hostess. Gracious and attentive.
Party Guests (Any gender, any age):
4 to 6 New Years Eve guests, with a few lines each and one group song. Hope to cast from the other casts.
Foley Team (any):
Two Foley Artists