Available roles — A Study in Scarlet

Available roles

The roles of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson are pre-cast.


Note: Parts are written as men, but will be cast from all genders.

Inspector Lestrade — Scotland Yard Inspector. Rival of...
Inspector Gregson — Also a Scotland Yard Inspector. Rival of Lestrade.
Jefferson Hope — A wounded lover, now hiding in London as a cabman.


Note: The following roles will be covered by an ensemble of 4–6 actors, so actors will play multiple roles. Each actor will get at least one major scene.

Stamford — An old friend of Watson. Introduces Holmes and Watson for the first time.
Rance — Scotland Yard Constable. More proud than smart.
Mother — A landlady desperate for money.
Alice — The landlady’s daughter.
Arthur — The landlady’s son.
Driver — Cab driver.
Old woman — A mysterious figure seeking a missing ring.
Drebber — American. The murder victim.
Stangerson — Also American. Drebber’s secretary.  
Wiggins — Leader of the Baker Street Irregulars.
Hotel — Manager at a hotel.
Lad — Young Military figure who Holmes makes deductions about.
Mrs. Hudson — The landlady at 221B Baker St.