Plot Summaries and Available Roles — Summer Mysteries 2022

The Seven of Hearts

A threatening note left in her nightstand keeps Pauline Savari frozen awake in bed one night, with the only hard evidence the next day a mysterious playing card in her library. And why is her friend Jean Daspry so interested in the intrigue that ensues?


Arsène LUPIN / Jean DASPRY / SALVATOR (he/him, 20s-30s) — The gentleman-thief, in his most complex role yet. As Lupin, he is charismatic and cool. As Daspry, he is rakish and energetic. As Salvator, he is enigmatic, almost sinister. The ideal performer will be able to make all three roles sound distinct from one another, especially with Salvator.
Pauline SAVARI (she/her, 40s) — A journalist who becomes caught up in Lupin's adventure, and not for the last time. Intellectual, intrepid, but would prefer a quieter day-to-day than what she gets.
CHLOÉ Andermatt (she/her, 30s-40s) — The woman who appears suddenly seeking help with a delicate personal matter. Soft-spoken, with a romantic nature.
GEORGES Andermatt (he/him, 30s-40s) — A French banker with government ties. Clipped, proper, and worn down by years under the threat of blackmail.
ETIENNE and ALFRED Varin (he/him, 30s-40s) — Opportunistic cutthroats and spies. Ruthless and calculating. Etienne has a veneer of politeness (or desperation), while Alfred's appearance is potentially more vengeful. Played by a single actor.
Louis LACOMBE (he/him, 20s-30s) — A young engineer and inventor, brilliant and passionate. Doubled with Dudouis.
Chief Inspector DUDOUIS (he/him, 40s+) — Brief appearance by Dudouis, Chief Inspector of La Sûreté. Doubled with Lacombe.

The Adventure Of The Sleeping Cardinal

The priceless painting the Sleeping Cardinal has been stolen from the vault at the Hotel Metropole! It’s up to Doctor Watson and Inspector Lestrade to recover the painting before it’s too late!


Mary Watson (F) — Watson's wife.
Lady Margaret (F) — Posh English Lady.
Patrick Pardman (M) — Hotel manager.
James Ryder (M) — Employee at the hotel. Has a dark past.
Jones (M/F) — Holmes informant

The Lost Days Of Mrs. Neele

On a dismal day in December of 1926 a parlor maid finds her job in jeopardy for a crime she didn’t commit, Mrs. Neele’s sharp mind and particular affinity for mysteries may be just the thing necessary to clear the girl’s name. (Not to mention, just the thing to distract herself from the secret burden she ‘s carrying.)


Mrs. Neele (F) — A well-to-do married lady of mercurial temperament, mid thirties.
Adelaide White (F) — A parlormaid at an upscale hotel, early twenties.
Miss Colwyn (F) — The prim front desk lady at the hotel, late twenties.
Mr. Drysdale (M) — The stuffy old maître d’hôtel, late fifties.
Charlotte Fisher (F) — A personal secretary (to also serve as ensemble)
Billie (M) — A porter.