Character descriptions for Peter Pan

We have the following roles available for Peter Pan:

  • Peter Pan — A young boy who craves adventure and refuses to grow up. The embodiment of youth and cockiness. (Younger female)
  • Tinker Bell — The mischievous fairy who is never far from Peter's side. (This role will be performed by a Foley artist.)
  • Wendy Darling/Jane — Eldest of the Darling children, caught between the curiosity of childhood and fantasies of being grown up. (Younger female, English accent)
  • John Darling — Middle Darling child, with fantasies of excitement despite his sense of propriety. (Younger male, English accent)
  • Michael Darling — Youngest of the Darling children, innocent and stubborn. (Younger female, English accent, small child's voice)
  • Adult Wendy — Wendy Darling, all grown up. A maternal and caring narrator. (Older female, English accent)
  • Captain James Hook — Leader of the pirates of Neverland. Genteel of manner but ruthless in action. Doubled with Mr. Darling. (Older male, English accent preferred for both roles)
  • Smee — Hook's first mate, a loyal aide who thinks he is more evil than he is. Doubled with Mrs. Darling (Older female, Irish accent preferred; English accent as Mrs. Darling)
  • Tiger Lily — The leader of the Indians of Neverland. Highly capable and staunchly opposed to the evil Hook. (Younger female) (NOTE: We are seeking a woman of color for this role, preferably of Native/indigenous descent.)
  • The Lost Boys (Tootles, Nibs, and Slightly) — Three of the boys under Peter's charge. Innocent and loyal. (Any gender, child's voices, may double with pirates)
  • The Pirates (Bill Jukes and Starkey) — Two of the pirates under Hook's command. Dangerous, if bumbling. (Any gender, adult's voices, may double with Lost Boys)
  • Mr. Darling — The stuffy and somewhat immature father to the Darling children. Doubled with Hook. (Older male, English accent for both roles)
  • Mrs. Darling — The sweet and lovely mother to the Darling children. Doubled with Smee. (Older female, English accent; Irish accent as Smee)