Roles -- Monster in the Mirror

Available roles — Monster in the Mirror

The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

Dr. Jekyll, respected doctor and secret mad chemist. / Mr. Hyde, social outcast and ne’er-do-well. (The same actor will play both roles.)

Mrs. Enfield, Utterson’s aunt who finds freedom in her social position as a widow.

Mr. Utterson, A curmudgeonly lawyer who is loyal to his friends

Dr. Lanyon, A warm and caring doctor.

Mrs. Poole, Jekyll’s housekeeper and head servant. She runs a tight ship and is universally respected.

Ensemble — Two ensemble members who will play multiple characters

The Frankenstein Murders

Dr. Walton is tasked with learning who is behind a recent series of murders, and a hospital patient named Victor Frankenstein seems to know the truth about them in this 20th-century adaptation of Mary Shelley’s tale, set in Weimar Germany.

Note: Some parts will be double-cast.

Victor Frankenstein (M, late 20s/30s) A haunted scientist on his deathbed

Walton (any gender, 30s+) A psychiatrist trying to understand Frankenstein’s past

The Creature (any gender, any age) A body given life; hates humanity but craves its acceptance

Henry Clerval (M, 20s/30s) Frankenstein’s cheerful friend and schoolmate

Elizabeth (F, 20s/30s) Frankenstein’s childhood friend and fiancée

Father (M, 40s+) Frankenstein’s father, a city director

Mother (F, 40s+) Frankenstein’s mother and inspiration in his studies

William (M played by F, any age) Frankenstein’s little brother

Sergeant (any gender, any age) a police officer

DeLacey (any gender, 50s+) a blind old cottager

Felix (M, 20s/30s) DeLacey’s son

Agatha (F, 20s/30s) DeLacey’s daughter

Kirwin (M, any age) a magistrate