Call for proposals for our Halloween show

The Post-Meridian Radio Players want to hear your most spooky, scary, or horrifying radio play ideas! We are accepting proposals for our annual Halloween show, until May 31st.

Read on to see what we’re looking for, and please send proposals to

Proposals can be for a single full-length radio play, a series of short plays, or anything in between. Note that the submission deadline is for proposals rather than full scripts (though your proposal can be accompanied by a script sample if you've got one); depending on what proposal(s) we accept, a call for scripts may follow.

The information we want, in no more than a page or two:

  • An overview of your idea for a Halloween show,
  • a breakdown of how many segments of what length will make up the show, and
  • why you think it would appeal to our audience.

Paying for the use of licensed characters or stories is not out of the question, but we greatly prefer original stories or adaptations of public domain material. Bear in mind also that as a radio theatre company, we pay special attention to stories or formats that allow us to leverage the sound medium to greatest advantage.

Once again, the deadline for your frightful proposals (sent to is May 31st. We look forward to hearing what you have in store!