PMRPod #3: The Stone Ship

“The Stone Ship”

Live performance from October 29-31, 2007

Friday, February 8th, 2008
PMRPodPost-Meridian RadioPod #3 is the final installment in the three week-long premiere of our 2007 live Halloween Thrillogy, Tomes of Terror II.

Tomes of Terror IIOnce again we dug into the archives of the classic CBC Radio series Nightfall, where we came across one of Len Peterson’s scripts.  For the original Tomes of Terror, weperformed his adaptation of theclassic horror story, “The Monkey’s Paw” by W.W. Jacobs.  In this script, Peterson stays with the theme of English short stories, but moves us a little further back in time and a few thousand miles from the quaint middle-class home of the Todds.  Out into the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, in fact...  For our final story this year, we were delighted to perform Len Peteron’s adaptation of William Hope Hodgson’s nail-biting sea adventure...

Post-Meridian RadioPod #3:

The Stone Ship

Another adaptation from Nightfall, this one written by Len Peterson in 1980 and based on William Hope Hodgson’s eerie 1914 sea-bound thriller.  In 1887, the crew of the merchant windjammer Alfred Jessop, adrift for days and shrouded in an unnatural mist, stumble across the wreck of an impossible ship.  Venturing aboard the derelict challenges the sanity of a stalwart British sea captain and his faithful crew.

PMRPod #3 (32kbps LQ; running Time: 35:01)

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PMRPod #3 (128kbps IQ; running Time: 35:01)

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Duprey ..... Dante Blando
Broder ..... Vic Clay
Second Mate Andrews ..... Michael McAfee
Captain Jessop ..... Andrew Hicks
Crewmen ..... Aatish Salvi
Michael Simon
Foley/FX Artists ..... Joye Thaller
Mindy Klenoff
Jenny Gutbezahl


Director ..... Neil Marsh
Production Assistant ..... Allli Poirot
Sound Designer/Engineer ..... Neil Marsh
Musical Arrangement/Accompaniment ..... Jessica Raine
Lighting/On-Stage Electronics ..... Stephanie Schanda
Foley/FX Coordinator ..... Shaunna Francis

Host Segments

Writer ..... Rob Noyes
The Librarian ..... Renni Boy


Administrative Producer ..... Renée Johnson
Technical Producer ..... Neil Marsh


Tomes of Terror theme “Creep” &
transitional music “Theme 01”
..... Kevin Hartnell
PMRPod theme “Margaret’s Lament” ..... Neil Marsh