PMRPod #2: Carmilla


Live performance from October 29-31, 2007

Friday, February 1st, 2008
PMRPodPost-Meridian RadioPod #2 is the second installment in the three week-long premiere of our 2007 live Halloween Thrillogy, Tomes of Terror II.

NightfallSeveral years ago, PMRP founder Neil Marsh became very interested in the CBC Radio series Nightfall, a supernatural/horror anthology which ran from 1980-1983.  In the course of researching the show’s history for an extensive website, Neil made contact with many of the people involved in the show, including a large number of the writers.  As it happens, about one-third of Nightfall’s 100 episodes were adaptations of famous—and not-so-famous—short stories.  When PMRP began developing the Tomes of Terror live show concept, where adaptations were the focus, several writers gave permission for us to use their Nightfall scripts.

Tomes of TerrorIn the original Tomes of TerrorNightfall by the late John Douglas, and “The Monkey’s Paw” by W.W. Jacobs, adapted by Len Peterson.  John Douglas’ sister, Marielaine Church, touched that we wished to perform her brother’s work, was happy to give us clearance and has been very supportive of our work.  Len Peterson, one of Canada’s foremost playwrights, was also kind enough to grant us permission. So, for our second story this year, we again tapped John Douglas’ family, along with co-author Graham Pomeroy, for permission to perform their 1981 script based on one of the most chilling tales of Gothic fright ever written...

Post-Meridian RadioPod #2:

An adaptation of J. Sheridan LeFanu’s 1872 novella, written for CBC Radio’s terrifying horror series Nightfall by Graham Pomeroy and John Douglas in 1981.  In this story, inspiration for Bram Stoker’s Dracula, a young woman dreams of a friend her own age.  But in the dark depths of the Black Forest, nothing is quite what it seems and she gets more than she ever wanted.  A chilling tale of childish fantasy and lost innocence.

PMRPod #2 (32kbps LQ; running Time: 38:43)

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PMRPod #2 (128kbps IQ; running Time: 38:43)

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Margaret Lauriston ..... Amy Lee Bennett
David Lauriston ..... Nick Zendzian
Madam Perrodon ..... Gilly Rosenthol
General Spielsdorf ..... Doc Madison
The Dark Lady ..... Maria Mogavero
Carmilla ..... Sara Fernandes
Dr. Walden ..... Aatish Salvi
The Dark Voices ..... Jenny Gutbezahl
Michael DiLoretto
Foley/FX Artists ..... Mindy Klenoff
Andie Stabler


Director ..... Renée Johnson
Production Assistant ..... Leslie Drescher
Sound Designer/Engineer ..... Neil Marsh
Musical Arrangement/Accompaniment ..... Jessica Raine
Lighting/On-Stage Electronics ..... Stephanie Schanda
Foley/FX Coordinator ..... Shaunna Francis

Host Segments

Writer ..... Rob Noyes
The Librarian ..... Renni Boy


Administrative Producer ..... Renée Johnson
Technical Producer ..... Neil Marsh


Tomes of Terror theme “Creep” &
transitional music “Theme 01”
..... Kevin Hartnell
PMRPod theme “Margaret’s Lament” ..... Neil Marsh