Mrs. Hudson Investigates!

Auditions: May 13 and 14, 2019
Performances: July 19-27, 2019

Join Sherlock Holmes’ long suffering landlady Martha Hudson as she hosts an evening of audio crime drama!  Mrs. Hudson is the latest entry into the Post-Meridian Radio Players annual Summer Mystery series, now in its ninth year.  This year we tackle two devious cases:
Mrs. Hudson Investigates — When Sherlock Holmes disappears, it’s up to Mrs. Hudson to take the case!  A young woman comes to Baker Street seeking for Sherlock Holmes to clear the name of a servant girl falsely accused of robbery.  Since Sherlock Holmes is unavailable, Mrs. Hudson agrees to do her best to help.  Together they infiltrate one of the wealthiest houses in London, and unravel the devious crime.   Written and directed by Phoebe Roberts.
Character list:

MRS. HUDSON, Sherlock Holmes’s sensible landlady – F, Scottish, 30’s-50’s (this character appears in both plays)
ABIGAIL NORRIS, the plucky butter and eggs girl – F, Coarse Brit/Cockney, teens
MRS. DUNLOP, the Evanstons’ redoubtable cook – F, Coarse Brit/Northern, 30’s-50’s
SUSAN KIRKWOOD, a well-mannered lady’s maid – F, Coarse Brit/Northern, 20’s-30’s
ACHILLE GERARD, a snooty famous pastry chef – M, French, 20’s-30’s
HOPE EVANSTON, upper class daughter of the house – F, Posh Brit, teens-20’s

The Adventure of the Empty House — It’s been three years since Sherlock Holmes’ death at the hands of Professor Moriarty, and all of London is abuzz about the impossible murder of Ronald Adair. With the assistance of Inspector Lestrade, Doctor Watson decides to see if he can work the case out for himself.  Adapted and directed by Jeremy Holstein.
Character list:

(Please note for auditions the roles of Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson are pre-cast)
LESTRADE, the infamous Inspector from Scotland Yard. Stubborn and principled, he is quick to form a theory, and resents that Sherlock Holmes has corrected him more times than he can count. He will appear in both plays. M. 30-50.
RONALD, our murder victim. Rich, but care free, living his life in clubs and playing lots of cards. Fears his mother. M. 20-40.
HILDA, Ronald's sister. Has had a sibling rivalry with Ronald for years. F, teen.
MOTHER, Ronald's mother. Regal. Thinks Ronald is wasting his life, but still wants to mother him despite his years. Older, 30-50.
MAID, Doctor Watson's maid. Working class maid. F, young.
DRIVER, a London cab driver. M/F.