The Yellow Wallpaper

We recorded Amy Bennett-Zendzian’s adaptation of the classic Charlotte Perkins Gillman story “The Yellow Wallpaper” as part of our PMRP Presents series in 2019. See the project’s own page for cast, crew, and further information, or listen to it via the player here. (It’s also available from our SoundCloud page.)

The Duke of Newbury Street

The setting is Boston, just before America enters WWII. Cat burglar extraordinaire, Cleo Carmel, tried to leave town, but has been caught by the mysterious agents who hired her in the first place. But her fate and that of reclusive millionaire Alexander Endicott have yet to be determined . . .

You can support our work by buying high-quality recordings of The Duke of Newbury Street on CD Baby, but you can also listen to them for free here. For more information about The Duke of Newbury Street, including the cast, crew, and sponsor, see the series’ own page.
Episode 1:

Episode 2:

Episode 3:

Each episode is roughly 20 minutes long, featuring PMRP’s standard high quality of writing, acting and sound.

PMRPod (three early recordings)

The Mask of Innana

Audio for all episodes of The Mask of Innana is available on that project’s own page. Scroll down to the bottom for links to the episodes. (There’s also a teaser [mp3] available.)


We have a couple of recordings up on the page for our p.m. project, “Switches”, by Paul Dworkin, and “Voyage of the Demeter”, an excerpt from Renée Johnson’s stage adaptation of Bram Stoker’s Dracula.

Other Recordings