The Silver Shade at Boskone 57

The Post-Meridian Radio Players will be performing “The Silver Shade: Help from the Shadows”, written and directed by Michael McAfee, at Boskone 57 on February 14.

She seeks out justice where others cannot go; she is the Silver Shade. The Post Meridian Radio Players presents an homage to the pulp adventure series of the golden age of radio. High school teacher Penelope Umberson has a super power she keeps hidden from the world, but when a student comes to her for help when a parent is framed for murder, she must learn to use her ability to set things right.

This performance will be at Boskone, on Friday, February 14, at 9:30pm (so a Boskone ticket is needed to attend). Here’s Boskone’s page about the event.


The Silver Shade
..... Catherine Bromberg
Izzy ..... Naomi Hinchen
the Ensemble ..... Rob Noyes
Sara Parisi Boçi
Jennifer Pelland
the Narrator ..... Michael McAfee
Sound ..... Paul Springer