Upcoming Live Events

This page list our upcoming 2019 events. You may also want to check out our past events, some of which have audio, video, or CDs available.
  • From October 25–November 2, the Post-Meridian Radio Players will present Tomes of Terror: Beyond Grimm! Join us for original adaptations of four creepy tales from around the globe! We will be presenting “The Boy Who Drew Cats” by Greg Lam, “A Hare-Raising Tale” by Naomi Hinchen, “The Myling” by Adrian Cory, and “La Siguanaba” by Liz Salazar.
  • In December, we will again be bringing you our original adaptation of that 1964 Christmas classic film, Santa Claus Conquers the Martians, in which Martians, concerned that their children are bored and listless and don’t want to do anything but watch Earth television programs, kidnap Santa Claus (and a couple of unlucky Earth children) from Earth and bring him to Mars to make toys so their children can be kids again.