PMRP People

PMRP Officers

Artistic Director: Caitlin Mason (stepping down as of April 2018)
Managing Director: Liz Salazar (stepping down; running for AD)
Financial Director: Chris DeKalb (running for re-election)
Clerk: Cari Keebaugh (stepping down as of March 2018)
Publicity Director: Jaclyn Wilson (stepping down as of March 2018)
Technical Director: Open

See below for the duties of the various offices.

Artists in Residence

Rob Noyes
Jeremy Holstein

Volunteer Staff

Webmaster: Jay Sekora

Officers’ Duties

(These bullet items are a summary. For a fuller explanation of officer roles, see this PDF document.)

Managing Director: Oversees operational aspects of PMRP.

Artistic Director: Oversees artistic decisions of PMRP.

Financial Director: Oversees financial aspects of PMRP.

Clerk: Records and distributes notes of the committee meetings.

Publicity Director: Handles publicity, press and social media in conjunction with the Artistic Director.

Technical Director: Oversees our audio, Foley, and other equipment (and props, makeup, and costumes as needed). Oversees our digital and sound-effects library.