Spooky Soliloquies 2020

As the skies turn dark and cool, the wind picks up, and pumpkin spice begins to rule the land, we all know what is approaching. Halloween 2020 is fast approaching and The Post-Meridian Radio Players will be celebrating it once again.

Join us Halloween weekend as we present stories, poems and ghastly tales that we shall let free unto the internets. For 2020 PMRP presents “Spooky Soliloquies” — tales told by a single reader, available for free to stream or download.

Spooky Soliloquies will be recorded stories released over Halloween weekend consisting of single readers telling their favorite stories.

Want to be one of our storytellers? Just email Chris at cdkboston@gmail.com or hit us up at info@pmrp.org. You must be able to record your audio on your own (at home or work) but aside from that all you need is the time and the desire. You can request stories you’d like to do or we’ll assign you some.

To volunteer please let us know before Oct. 1st and your recordings will be due by October 23rd.

Want to submit a story?

You may submit stories to the same emails as above. As this will be a free online release PMRP will not be paying rights for these stories. PMRP retains non-exclusive rights to the recordings but all other story rights, including script ownership, remain with the author.

We’re looking for fun Halloween and horror tales. They should be relatively family-friendly (so PG or PG-13, maybe R but definitely no NC-17). Classic tales are always good, but new original works are fine. Just remember these will have a single reader performing it with minimal to no sound effects.

Works should be adaptations of public domain stories, original works or adapted works with written permission for PMRP to use.

Short stories, poetry and non-fiction are acceptable. Stories that PMRP has already done in the past, such as Tell-Tale Heart, are acceptable.

If you have any questions just drop us a line!

Chris DeKalb
Spooky Soliloquies