These are shows which don’t fit (or don’t fit neatly) into one of our established series. Often, they are longer-form radio dramas such as 2016’s Alice in Wonderland. Sometimes, they bend the mold of an existing series somewhat; for instance, our 2015 Hallowe’en show, Monster in the Mirror differed from our Tomes of Terror format in having two segments with a shared theme rather than three unrelated stories.

Chicken Hearts & Other Parts

In October 2005, we re-created Arch Oboler's lost Lights Out! episode “Chicken Heart” as part of Chicken Hearts and Other Parts, a Hallowe’en-themed fundraiser for local filmmaker Chelsea Spear. In addition to “Chicken Heart”, the performance featured “The Atlantis Affair”, “Erasure”, and Improv PoetryProse by nationally-recognized voice artist Lindsay Ellison, and “The Unhappy Medium”, a segment from Spear’s project The Ballad of Burd Janet, a tretelling of the Celtic folktale Tam Lin.


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