2019 Season

This page lists our past 2019 performances. We’ll update it as time goes on with our 2019 performances as they wrap up. See our upcoming events page for events to look forward to!

  • Our Gender-Swapped Star Trek series at the Arisia science-fiction convention continued in January 2019 with “The Enterprise Incident” in which Captain Jane T. Kirk, behaving oddly, orders the Enterprise into Romulan space, and is intercepted by three Romulan ships. On being invited to board the flagship, Captain Kirk and Ms. Spock are surprised to find that its captain is a man. Will Spock be immune to his masculine wiles?
  • This year, for the first time, we also reprised one of our summer mysteries at Arisia. We presented Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson in “The Final Problem,” in which Holmes battles his most famous adversary, the infamous Professor Moriarty.
  • In April, our Spring show featured “Filibus: The Mysterious Sky Pirate”, an original adaptation of a 1915 silent film by Brian Kjersten about a daring thief who uses her airship and her gift for disguise to commit seemingly impossible crimes, and “Confidence Confidant”, an original radio drama by Eva C. Schegulla based on the true-story of Kate Warne, the first female Pinkerton detective, who used her similar knack for disguise and deception in the service of justice rather than crime.