Available Roles — Plan 9/Plan 8

Our Spring 2020 show has two segments, with the following voice roles available:

Plan 8 from the Outer Ether: A Steampunk Adventure

by Brian Rust
inspired by Plan 9 from Outer Space

NOTE: While the majority of the play will be held by the actors and read into microphones as happens normally in live radio plays, there are “unscripted” portions that are off book.


Suggested Part Distribution:
Narrator / Ship Voice
Lawyer / Archbishop / Elf 2 / Clown 1 / Large Blobby Thing
Riley / Illuminus / Elf 1 / Clown 2 / Old Lady
Mendos / Elephant / The Brit
Zandex / Bubbles the Sea Monkey
Belle / Goldenmoon / Dog / Robot

(Sound Crew is referred to, and occasionally addressed, but has no lines until the very end when they get a Silent Bob moment)

Plan 9 from Outer Space

adapted by
Michael McAfee
from the original script by
Edward D. Wood, Jr.

CRISWELL ..... an announcer
JEFF ..... a handsome airline pilot
PAULA ..... Jeff’s wife
LT. HARPER ..... a police lieutenant
COL. EDWARDS ..... an Army colonel
LARRY ..... a patrolman
KELTON ..... another patrolman
CLAY ..... a police inspector
EROS ..... a space commander
TANNA ..... Eros’s second in command
Small roles, doubled up with main cast:
VAMPIRA ..... the animated corpse of a dead woman
BELA ..... an old man, later zombified
RULER ..... an alien ruler
GEN. ROBERTS ..... an Army general
CAPTAIN ..... an Army captain
WOMAN MOURNER ..... a friend of Bela
MAN MOURNER ..... another friend of Bela
GRAVEDIGGER 1 ..... a gravedigger
GRAVEDIGGER 2 ..... another gravedigger