Available Roles — Filibus

Our Spring 2018 show has two segments, with the following roles available:

Filibus, The Mysterious Sky Pirate

Filibus (f) — Burglar operating out of an airship, secretly the Baroness de Troixmonde, and often disguising herself as the Count de la Brive
Hardy (m) — Famous detective, determined to identify Filibus
Leonora (f) — Millionaire antique collector, Filibus’s target
Frankie (any) — A thug in Filibus’s crew
Bauer (any) — A pilot in Filibus’s crew
Doctor Derby (any) — A psychiatrist
Police officer (any) — An Italian cop

Confidence Confidant

Kate Warne (f, late 20s) — first female detective hired by Allan Pinkerton, Undercover on this case as Katherine Imbert, wife of the forger Jules Imbert. Utterly composed no matter what.
Bill (m) — middle-aged boarding house keeper, distant cousin of Amelia Maroney.
Amelia Maroney (f) — contemporary of Kate's, a true Southern belle from Montgomery, Alabama. Her husband, Nathan Maroney, is suspected of stealing $40,000 from the Adams Express Company, where he managers the Montgomery Office.
John Fox (m, mid-thirties) — Pinkerton operative. Works frequently with Kate. Charming. Undercover on this case as John Foxworth, watchmaker.
John White (m, thirties) — Pinkerton operative useful because he looks like a con man. Set up as Nathan Maroney’s cell mate on this case.