Available Roles — Filibus

Our Spring 2018 show has two segments, with the following roles available:

Filibus, The Mysterious Sky Pirate

The director does not expect to use accents in this segment, except perhaps to distinguish Filibus’ three personae or the psychiatrist, but if you happen to have an accent you’re particularly good at that you think might be appropriate, feel free to practice it and mention it at your audition.

Filibus (f) — Burglar operating out of an airship, secretly the Baroness de Troixmonde, and often disguising herself as the Count de la Brive. The three personae will need to be vocally distinct, whether through character voices, accent, pitch, cadence, or some other manner.
Hardy (m) — Famous detective, determined to identify Filibus
Leonora (f) — Millionaire antique collector and high-society lady, Filibus’s target
Frankie (any) — A thug in Filibus’s crew, oafish and slow on the uptake
Bauer (any) — A pilot in Filibus’s crew, educated and intelligent
Doctor Derby (any) — A psychiatrist
Police officer (any) — An Italian cop (no particular accent desirable, though)

Confidence Confidant

Kate Warne (f, late 20s) — first female detective hired by Allan Pinkerton, Undercover on this case as Katherine Imbert, wife of the forger Jules Imbert. Utterly composed no matter what.
Bill (m) — middle-aged boarding house keeper, distant cousin of Amelia Maroney.
Amelia Maroney (f, Southern accent) — contemporary of Kate’s, a true Southern belle from Montgomery, Alabama. Her husband, Nathan Maroney, is suspected of stealing $40,000 from the Adams Express Company, where he managers the Montgomery Office.
John Fox (m, mid-thirties) — Pinkerton operative. Works frequently with Kate. Charming. Undercover on this case as John Foxworth, watchmaker.
John White (m, thirties) — Pinkerton operative useful because he looks like a con man. Set up as Nathan Maroney’s cell mate on this case.