Auditions for our Arisia 2017 show (Gender-swapped Star Trek: The Naked Time)

The Post-Meridian Radio Players are thrilled to announce that they are seeking actors to perform in their next gender-swapped Star Trek episode — “The Naked Time”!

In this episode, a mysterious alien contagion infects the crew of the Enterprise, destroying their inhibitions and causing mayhem throughout the ship!

Auditions will take place Sunday, October 23d and Monday, October 24th at a private Somerville residence. Please email Caitlin Mason at to set up an audition appointment.

Our Audition Docs folder on Google Drive has a conflict calendar and an audition form, both of which you should print out, fill out in advance if possible, and bring with you to your audition. (If you forget there will probably be some paper copies available at the audition.) They’re each available in both Word and PDF formats.

Performances will be on one day TBD of Martin Luther King Day weekend (January 13-16) at the Boston science fiction convention Arisia, and a one-weekend run in June 2017 (exact dates TBD).

The roles we are looking to fill, including character descriptions, are listed below:

  • Ms. Sulu (female): Senior helmswoman and third officer on the ship, Sulu is “at heart a swashbuckler out of the 18th century.” When infected with the contagion, she acts out this role, and hilarity ensues. (Please note: we are seeking an actress of Asian descent for this role.)
  • Yeoman Rand (male): As the Captain’s yeoman, he assists Kirk, and is accosted during the havoc on the ship.
  • Jill Tormolen (female): A crew member inclined to paranoia, Tormolen becomes Patient Zero for the mysterious contagion, and causes quite a scene.
  • Ensemble (female): An ensemble of two or three actresses who will play various crew members with minor parts and assist in crowd scenes.

We hope to hear from you soon! Remember to email Caitlin Mason at to secure an audition spot, or with any questions!