The Post Meridian Radio Players Present

Plan 9 From Outer Space

Adapted by Michael McAfee from the infamous 1959 film by Ed Wood

Directed by Jess Viator

Plan 9 from Outer Space is an original adaptation by Michael McAfee of the classic “so bad it’s good” film by Ed Wood, in which extraterrestrials reanimate Earthlings' dead bodies.

CriswellPaul Springer
Gen. Roberts / Gravedigger 2Richard Bartlett
JeffMatthew Slepin
Paula / MournerKate Mahoney
Lt. HarperCari Keebaugh
Larry / RuleBrian Edgar
Kelton / CaptainJoel Priest
Clay / Mourner 2Emma Joyce
Eros / BelaLeo Balkovetz
Tanna / VampiraKatie Meyers
Col. Edwards / Gravedigger 1Livie Keane
Foley CaptainKeisha Warriner
Foley ArtistSimone Agha

Plan 8 From the Outer Ether: A Steampunk Fiasco

Written by Brian Rust

Directed by Brian Rust and Jeremy Holstein

Plan 8 From the Outer Ether: a Steampunk Fiasco is a comedy about a dysfunctional theater troupe attempting to put on a live radio play. The play they’re performing, Plan 8, is a prequel to the events in “Plan 9 From Outer Space”, set roughly 50 years prior to the other show.

NarratorJoev Dubach
AuteurElizabeth Ross
DetectiveKeegan Hannon
CardiffJuliet Wyse
RileyKevin Kordis
IlluminusPhillip Pierre-Louis
ZandexKitty Drexel
MendosHannah Baker
LawyerMarissa Kennedy
BelleRachel Tessler
Foley CaptainTori Queeno
Foley ArtistS.L. "Red" Stone


Stage ManagerJamie Lin
ProducersKaren Sarao, Mare Freed
House ManagerMare Freed
Sound DesignerGrace Gist
Sound Board OperatorSidney Hackney
Sound EngineerJay Sekora
Publicity ManagerTori Queeno
Graphic DesignerJeremy Holstein

Cast & Crew Bios

Simone Agha

Simone is excited to be back doing Foley with PMRP. While she's been several horses and a bat this is her first time being a UFO.

Hannah Baker

Hannah is the secret mastermind behind plans one through seven.

Leo Balkovetz

Leo is thrilled for his first performance with PMRP. When he’s not preventing an intergalactic cold war, Leo is an operatic tenor. He was last seen as Guy in the world premiers of Gala Flagello’s “You Reap What You Soul” and The Reporter in Byron Asher’s “Bedbug”. He also teaches preschool!

Richard Bartlett

Richard Bartlett is happy to be back with PMRP after that day the Earth Stood still and telling another tale of visitors from outer space. Doing it on the anniversary of the 1938 Martian invasion just adds to the fun.

Kitty Drexel

Kitty Drexel [she/her/we] is a disabled, queer performing artist and critic living with Brachial Plexus Palsy. It is an absolute miracle to be performing live again! Please wear your mask over your nose and mouth, get vaccinated (it's free!), and wash your hands so performances stay live.

Joev Dubach

Joev has worked with PMRP on too many shows to count! In his spare time, Joev enjoys improvisational free fitness hilarity with November Project Boston ( (Just show up!)

Brian Edgar

Brian is happy to finally live his dream of being an intergalactic overlord.

Mare Freed

Mare Freed is the Managing Director of PMRP. "Metropolis" Is a dream come true for her, after seeing the 1927 movie and proclaiming "We must adapt this for radio theatre!" And here we are. Hope you enjoy!

Grace Gist

Grace Gist (sound design) has been crafting various sounds for PMRP since 2016. Tonight’s sounds were definitely assembled through totally normal technological means, and not at all through esoteric rituals of acoustical gramarye.

Sid Hackney

Sid is a long time fan, first time crew member, and a Plan 9 enthusiast. They are very excited to begin their PMRP career.

Keegan Hannon

Keegan always knew they'd call him back for one more case. He'd last been seen working on a podcast called "The Movie Critics", but there are some cases that even the best gumshoes can't walk away from.

Jeremy Holstein

Jeremy is mainly a writer, director, and Artistic Director for PMRP, running Summer Mysteries since 2013. He occasionally appears at the mic in shows like Santa Claus Conquers the Martians. He is currently collaborating on the script for the forthcoming Metropolis. He thanks his wife & child for indulging his many nights spent on ZOOM or in Davis to satisfy his radio theater addiction.

Emma Joyce

Emma has been working with PMRP since 2014 and will return to PMRP's Santa Claus Conquers the Martians this December. She has put a lot of effort into her role in Plan 9 and hopes you will enjoy her carefully crafted array of zombie moans and growls.

Livie Keane

Livie Keane is a mad engineer who enjoys knitted math, strange declensions, and general adventuring. This is her first live show with PMRP, but she can be found in the Ensemble of The Arrest of Arsène Lupin, amongst other theatrical endeavors.

Cari Keebaugh

Cari is delighted to be performing again with PMRP! When not arguing with aliens, Cari stalks the gaslit streets of Victorian London as Mrs. Hawking ( And listen for a ‘devilishly’ familiar voice in the forthcoming project “The Renegotiation.” She is a fan of glitter and tea.

Marissa Kennedy

Marissa is a monotypic genus created for the non-venomous dwarf boa species,

Kevin Kordis

Local actor/playwright who is delighted to be back to in-person theatre with one of his favorite companies. He is next set to conquer Mars as Santa in PMRP’s reprisal of Santa Clause Conquers the Martians.

Jamie Lin

Jamie is delighted to help bring spooky, silly sounds back to Boston Brunch Church (live!). She was last seen Zoomily as Mirror Sulu in PMRP's Gender-Swapped Star Trek. Thanks to the cast & crew for bearing with her last-minute emails, and thank YOU, dear audience member, for coming to hear and experience the cast's delightful voice noises!

Kate Mahoney

Kate is thrilled to return to theater, especially to her friends at PMRP. Previous roles include Deirdre/Narrator in Beyond Grimm, Ensemble in Dracula, Schwartz in Moriarty Mysteries, Mrs. Turner in Sherlock Holmes, Mrs. Tadworth in Lady Molly of Scotland Yard, and Mrs. Enfield in Jekyll and Hyde.

Michael McAfee

Michael is a long time participant with PMRP. His past scripts include "The Silver Shade" and "The Frankenstein Murders". His future projects include adapting the classic film "Metropolis" to audio theater, producing one of the shows at Arisia 2022, and helping with a couple of "Mrs. Hawking" projects.

Katie Meyers

Katie is happy to be joining PMRP for another fun show, especially since it is an opportunity to get some theater in before having a baby!

Philip Pierre-Louis

For the last time, there's no such thing as Phil. It's all in your head!

Joel Priest

Joel has a long history of making things up. After living in his Y2K bunker for twenty years, he finally re-emerged in 2019 to replenish his stock of canned beans. After discovering that society had not yet completely crumbled, he got back on stage and performed in a local production of Matilda.

Tori Queeno

This is Tori's 11th show with PMRP! They have performed as a foley artist many times and played the title role in PMRP's 2019 spring show, Filibus: The Mysterious Sky Pirate. They would like to thank their cat for getting them through lockdown and their partner for insisting they are good at stuff.

Elizabeth Ross

Elizabeth is excited to be performing again with PMRP! She recently appeared with PMRP as Sub-Commander Tal (Star Trek: The Enterprise Incident) and Kate Warne (Confidence Confidant). Her other work includes Epigenes (The Congresswomen) and Lussurioso (The Revengers Tragedy).

Brian Rust

Brian got his start in live radio theater with PMRP's 'Red Shift: Interplanetary Do-Gooder', and is grateful for the chance to bring a little more sci-fi goofiness to Davis Square. His current work in progress is 'Cryptids of Greater Allston'.

Karen Sarao

Karen is the most variably sized order of vertebrates, ranging from the 7mm Schindleria brevipinguis to the 5m marlin.

Jay Sekora

Jay has played a roaring-drunk space explorer making contact with an alien intelligence and the ghost of Edgar Allan Poe and directed adaptations of "Night of the Living Dead" and "Filibus: The Mysterious Sky Pirate". He thanks his beloved Mare for theater and other shared joys.

Matthew Slepin

Matthew is new to PMRP and was last seen in Theatre III’s production of California Suite. He has seen the film Plan 9 From Outer Space too many times to be good for him and hopes someday to be reanimated by an electrode gun.

Paul Springer

Paul has once again stumbled down from his mountain hut to bring grim tidings to all in the form of definitely accurate predictions about the future. He enjoys using his newfound mental prowess to divide by zero.

S.L. (Red) Stone

Red, lead singer of the punk band "The Double Helix Factory" and stage manager / interviewer for The Evil Expo, makes their billionth appearance for PMRP as a foley artist for "Plan 8." Check out my interview with "Troma Studios" at!

Rachel Tessler

Rachel is new to PMRP and is back on the stage after 5 years! Rachel's previous shows have included The Vagina Monologues, Into the Woods, The Miracle Worker among many others. Rachel is really excited to be a part of this production and would like to thank the cast and crew for their awesomeness.

Keisha Warriner

Keisha Warriner has many nerdy and creative hobbies (fantasy painting, tabletop gaming, map collecting, reading some early science fiction) but they are thrilled to be back with PMRP to add "making alien sounds" to that list.

Jules Wyse

Jules plays Cardiff in Plan 8 from the Outer Ether, and does a pretty good job.