Available Roles — Santa Claus Conquers the Martians

These are the voice roles available for PMRP’s adaptation of Santa Claus Conquers the Martians. Go to the Auditions page to learn how to audition, and about the other positions we have besides voice acting. Actors of all ethnicities, genders and body types are encouraged to audition.

SANTA CLAUS The timeless hero. Mature male.
DROPO A kind-hearted Martian domestic manservant who understands the spirit of Christmas better than most. Male any age.
KIMAR Leader of the Martians. Dignified and kingly, but fair-minded. Male 30+.
MOMAR Kimar’s wife. A gracious and elegant Martian homemaker. Female 30+.
VOLDAR A mustachio’d Martian villain. Conniving and spiteful. Male any age.
CHOCHEM A wise Martian elder/soothsayer. Mature any gender.
BOMAR Martian boy, age 10 (adult actor).
GIRMAR Martian girl, age 8 (adult actor).
BILLY Earthling boy, age 10 (adult actor).
BETTY Earthling girl, age 8 (adult actor).
ANDY HENDERSON TV reporter, any gender.
MRS. CLAUS Santa’s wife. Mature female
WINKY Head elf. Any age, any gender.
RIGNA A Martian officer. Any age, any gender.
HARGO A Martian officer. Any age, any gender.
TV ANCHOR Any age, any gender.
TORG ROBOT (hand puppet)
POLAR BEAR (hand puppet)